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"A glimpse of the idol of Baba and I am carried away to Shirdi"

Lies in the heart of Tagornagar in Vikhroli suburb of Mumbai, Om Saidham Sevamandal's beautiful, eye-catching and immensely pleasing temple of Shri Saibaba, the Shri Saimandir, which is overflowing with the devotion of Baba. The lively idol of Baba in this temple is sculpted by Hon. Shri Rajiv Talim, the grandson of Respected Shri Balaji Talim, who had sculpted the world famous ever loving, ever blessing heavenly idol of Shri Saimauli, the Baba, in Shirdi. The idol of Baba in the Shri Saimandir is just the replica of the one in Shirdi.

And the moment you enter the temple, you feel as if you are in Shirdi. Sanctity and the endless devotion of the devotees make the God reside in the temple. The management committee of the Shri Saimandir takes utmost care to maintain the sacredness and the holiness of the place. The Shri Saimandir follows the same ritual and schedule as the main temple in Shirdi.

Upcoming Events